Saturday, February 11, 2012

China Glaze: Martini Lunch

Argh! Starting back at school has thrown out all of my routines. Exercise, eating healthy....even blogging.

Next week my goal is to cook every night and exercise everyday. Hopefully I'll get at least 3 blog posts up...

Today was a glorious day full of sun. It started off cloudy and overcast, but the sun shone through. I now have the red nose to prove it.

A wee while ago I posted pictures of the China Glaze martini Pedicure collection. I was missing one polish from the collection. Martini Lunch. not long after I posted KrisInPhilly from My Lucid Bubble contacted me asking if I'd like a bottle. Yes, yes and yes!Thank you so much!

Martini Lunch
Martini Lunch is a slightly sheer polish. I used 4 coats, but I'm happy to use 4 coats for a flattering shade of pink with millions of glass fleck sparkles.

mmmm... hard to find China Glazes...

Martini Lunch definitely makes the cut in my downsized collection!

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