Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RBL Anne... Do you Google Yourself?

I am rather weary of Facebook. I don't trust it, but I can't live with out it. How else could I see friends and families photos? The idea that they have the drunken images of me as a 19 year old, that even though deleted could one day resurface... yup I'm buying into the Facebook paranoia.

Ok so the drunken pictures are rather tame in reality, just a case of a funny look in my eyes and slightly disheveled clothing, but it still unnerves me slightly.

So I googled myself. My full name, my married name, my nickname, my online alias, my gamer tag...

I think I can now say that I'm an incredibly boring person according to the internet. The most interesting things I found about myself was I'm a teacher and I have this blog. Neither of those things could be found off the same name though.

Does anyone else get paranoid about the internets...or is it just me and my crazy?

Anyway, on to happy polish thoughts. Here is one polish that won't be leaving my collection.

RBL Anne
Anne may not be in my usual colour palette, but boy is she pretty. Can you see the pink shimmer...yummy!
Anne is definitely staying with me.

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