Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greymouth Haul

While down in Greymouth I ventured into a Postie Plus store and found some awesome nail polishes.

I bought 7 polishes for $26. A Sally Hansen Fire Opal, 4 Klean Color polishes and 2 No.7 boots polishes. I was suprised at the goodies I found and since I've been back home I've been popping into the local Postie Plus stores looking for more awesome polishes, but so far I've only found 4 more Klean Colors I like.

Sally Hansen Fire Opal Goldspun Opal

No.7 in Taffeta.

No.7 in Sorbet.
 The No.7 polishes I picked up are both very duo-chromey. Sorbet flashes green and gold with the peach. Taffeta switches between gold/amber/pink. Both polishes are very soft when dry and need a top coat.

Kleancolor Fuschia Pearl

Kleancolor Sheer Lilac

Kleancolor Silver Star
I also purchased Kleancolor Twinkly Love. Blue, silver and pink hearts in a clear polish, but for some reason didn't take a picture of it.

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