Saturday, December 18, 2010


It amazes me how much other people like giving presents. I love to give presents and tend to focus on giving presents myself, not recieving them. I'm always taken back when presents are bought for me.

School break up was on  Thursday and so many of my kids gave me little gifts. I love how excited they are to give presents and how they watch you open it. I also love how 2 kids gave me nail polish! They all know my addiction.

I was in for another suprise onm Thursday. The staff at school had put together a big basket filled with goodies, as a house warming/engagement present. I regretted having a couple of wines, as everyone was watching me open things. I was very overwhelmed.

Then Nicks grandparents gave us a beautiful engagemet present. Something I had been wanting and dreaming of for awhile...a big cutlery set!

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