Friday, March 15, 2013

Cover Band: Love, Lace and Lawsuits

I feel like I've barely been present the last two weeks.

We spent last weekend at the Harvest Festival in the Wairarapa and I've been very busy with school.
I just really want to be the best teacher I can be... Which sounds super cheesy... but is a lot of work!

The Harvest Festival was great. Just a nice relaxed day of wine and food. Who doesn't have fun wine testing? And zomg... the food was delicious. I had sushi, terriyaki chicken, a venison burger, Pavlova with nom nom berry sauce, churros with pomegranate, russian fudge... And the wine. Gladstone and Johnners were my fave vineyards of the day.

I'll post pics of the day eventually...

Anyway on to polish!

Lani and I basically have a continual swap going... I buy her a few polishes...she buys me a few...
Not so long ago she bought me Cover Band Love Lace and Lawsuits. I was super excited to get this polish...and want to layer it over everything!

I decided a nice turquoise would make a pretty layering combination.

Love, Lace and Lawsuits over L'oreal Waters Edge
I love this combination and can't wait to try layering Love, Lace and Lawsuits over more pastels! Especially for Easter!


  1. Lovely - I am huge fan of matte white glitter shapes

    1. Me too! I just got Oopsie Daisies Zeus... I can't wait to try it out and compare the two polishes.