Friday, March 29, 2013

OPI: Liquid Sand

One trend I expected to hate was textured polishes.
I had a pretty good reason to hate it....I had dry feelings around my hands.

I hate using chalk.
I hate clay.
I hate if I don't have moisturiser in my bag...

Weirdly enough... I love the OPI Sand textured polishes. They seem to last forever and they look amazing on. And the texture doesn't bug me. Yes it annoyed me for the first hour or so...but I adjust and good thing as these polishes are gorgeous.

Get Your Number

Get Your Number with top coat

Stay the Night

Stay the Night with top coat

The Impossible

The Impossible with top coat

I loved these liquid Sands so much i ordered the Zoya Pixie dusts...and can't wait for the next liquid sands to come out!

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