Friday, April 19, 2013

Dandy Nails: Just a Little Spam

Argh. Bad blogger!

Luckily it's the end of term. Thank goodness!
Since Easter I've been absolutely had it. Just a complete lack of energy. The kids have been just as bad as me. So many tears this week!

Anyway here's a quickie post to confirm my alive status and show off some gorgeous Dandy Nails polishes.

I love Dandy Nails. I buy mine from Ninja Polish. The shipping is always super fast to New Zealand as well.

Eager Eyes

Wonderwall accent over CG Electric Beat

Wonderwall (3 coats alone)

Come Out and Play (3 coats alone)

I have since added four more gorgeous Dandy Nails polishes to my collection... Hopefully I'll get them posted in the holidays! Have I mentioned the holidays start at 3pm today....

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  1. hey girl
    i dont know if you remember me but i missed your blog
    i started following you in 2011 and then went mia till now but id love for you to follow my blog if you arent currently<3