Sunday, November 3, 2013

Femme Fatale: Blogger Pack

I was lucky enough to be sent a Femme Fatale blogger pack to review.
I'd never tried any of the Femme Fatale polishes, so was super excited. There may have been girly squeals when I received the parcel.

The blogger pack consisted of 4 mini polishes....which I now NEED full size versions off.

Jadefire one coat over OPI Did It On 'em

"A shimmering green gold base suitable for layering rather than wearing alone. Full of clashing pinks and reds, highlighted by holo lime and lemon coloured glitter and topped off with pink shimmer."

 Jade fire is a striking combination of chartreuse, red and a smattering of holo. The base is loaded with shimmer. Ohhh gutted, it's now discontinued. Run and buy it while you can!

Spindle Web over Orly Bailamos
 "A sheer deep jewel toned blue with strong green shimmers, suitable for layering over other shades rather than wearing alone, and filled with scatterings of blue, green and iridescence in various sizes."

OMG I love this polish. I may be biased but I think Bailamos was the perfect base for it as well. Look at those delicious green glitters! So pretty. ARGH words cannot!

Witchful Thinking over Color Club Shabby Drab
 "Witchful Thinking from the 2013 Halloween Trio.
A clear based glitter topper filled with gunmetal, black, charcoal and silver glitters in various sizes/shapes and accented with a stunning lavender shimmer and violet iridescence. We recommend using over a darker base colour to enhance the shimmer."

Of course I decided to try a lighter base...and I'm very happy with the duality of this polish. In my swatches the glitters look dark and brooding, in the swatches on Femme Fatale the glitters look shimmering and magical. Very fun to play with.

Burning Blossom 3 coats
"A dusty orange-peach-yellow toned crelly with pinks and burgundy glitters. May take a few coats for opacity so we recommend using a base colour, then at least two layers of Burning Blossom. The pink looks amazing when it has a few layers over it, so definitely play around with it."

If one polish was going to convince me that I needed to buy Femme Fatales...then it would be Burning Blossom.  This is one insanely gorgeous polish. Chock full of glitter and so unique.

I loved my experience with Femme Fatale. The polishes were stunning, the shipping was fast, everything was well packaged.... and I want more! An addiction may be starting. Must collect them all...

If you'd like to check out Femme Fatale Cosmetics check out their website here.

*The polishes in this post were sent for review and I was giddy with excitement*

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