Monday, November 4, 2013

Dollish Polish: Princess Bride

As many people know, I'm a teacher. I teacher year 3 and 4 children and I love it.
Unfortunately I don't love everything about this time of year... the amount of testing and reporting I need to do. Although I love the sunshine, getting outside for sports in the afternoons and outdoor week is always a highlight of the year.

Every week we have a singing practice as part of our arts programme. We take turns to choose the music and recently the kids have been learning such songs as Star Trekkin', The Fox and The Never Ending Story.

Yes we are terrible people we taught the 102 children in the middle school The Fox. and they love it! They sing it beautifully.

Anyway.... back on topic! The Never Ending story is fast becoming one of their favourite songs to sing (after The Fox of course) so for golden time on Friday afternoon we starting watching the first movie.

They love watching 80's movies.

I'm keen to have an 80's day next year with them and show them the Princess Bride, which in my opinion is one of the best movies ever!

See I got there in the all related!

Dollish Polish released a collection of Princess Bride inspired polishes earlier this year and I managed to snag two that I really wanted... although I have my eye on more!

Drop Your Sword

Inconceivable! over Color Club Abyss

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