Saturday, December 28, 2013

China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze: The Glitters

Well it's been eons since I've had the time to sit down and actually blog. November and December for me are the wrap up months at school. Testing, reports, cleaning up, grump children... all those fun things. And actual fun things like Christmas activities and crafts.

Then Christmas comes and it's madness getting the house clean, rushing the husband to work, fitting in all the family...

But now we're heading towards the new year and I finally have time to breathe!

So here's some delicious Christmas polishes (only three days late).
Glitters today, foils later...I can't seem to find the pics of the foils.

Bells Will Be Blinging
I haven't yet tried Bells Will Be Blinging over a base, but I believe a base coat is the way to go with this one. I just wanted to try it by itself first. I'm not normally too keen on bar glitter, but they add to the bling effect nicely in this case. This was three coats.

Put a Bow On It
China Glaze realised they were on to a winner with full coverage micro glitter and again released some with their Christmas collection. I love these micro-glitters. I wore Put a Bow On it as my Christmas day mani with a nice topping of Be Merry, Be Bright.

All Wrapped Up
Another micro-glitter. All Wrapped Up is just my colour! I actually wore this as my Christmas day pedi... Ok if I'm honest, I'm still wearing it as my pedi. Love, love, love.

This is Tree-mendous
This is Tree-mendous is the perfect Christmas green glitter. Green and gold bling. Perfection.

Be Merry, Be bright over CG Electric Beat
Be Merry, Be Bright doesn't scream Christmas...but I do love the colours and it is unique to my collection.

Your Present Required over CG Sweet Hook
Your Present Required is another that doesn't scream Christmas, but I do love it! It's a very sweet mix of colours, especially when layered over a candy tone like Sweet Hook.

There's Snow One Like You
There's Snow One Like You is the oddball of the collection. In fact I actually didn't order this one originally...then the more I thought about it...the more I had to have it. The mind of an addict. In all honesty I won't wear it, but it's on I needed for the novelty factor.

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