Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nostalgic: The Princess

Argh. It's that awful busy time of year for me. Report writing... of course I'm behind! So unfortunately I've had little time for much else, other than work of course.

Luckily it's also that awesome time of year... EOTC week. Education Outside The Classroom.
We started planning back in February. That's how much we love this week.

Tomorrow I'm walking up a mountain... ok, a hill. It's a 2-3 hour hike, then a picnic at the park.
Tuesday is surf life saving at the beach.
Wednesday we'll be taking the ferry to picton. The kids are so excited, some haven't been to the South island before.
Thursday is our Trolley Derby. We have 32 teams racing.
Friday will be a chill out day at the river, tidying up the river and doing some water safety skills.

I'm actually super excited.... and I'm the teacher!

Anyway on to pictures of nails.
Today I have Nostalgic The Princess to show you.
The Princess is from the Breakfast Club collection and yes right now I' singing "don't you forget about meeeeee" in my head.

Nostalgic The Princess
The Princess is a pretty pink crelly with pink, white and red glitters. Very girly, very princess like and totally perfect for Valentines! Yes I realise it's Christmas round the corner... but this truely is a Valentines appropriate polish!

Hopefully I'll get my reports finished in the near future, we'll have sunshine, and I'll be able to swatch the gorgeous Christmas polishes I've started to amass.

Wish me luck to conquer the mountain tomorrow!

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