Friday, December 31, 2010


well it's new years eve and I'm pondering.

My resolutions for the year are going to be pretty standard.

1. Start exercising properly again.
2. Save money for our wedding.
3. Pay of more of my credit card.
4. Stop buying things I don't need!
5. Make a vege garden and grow some delicious vegetables.

2010 has been a pretty good year. I got a permanent teaching job, we bought our first house and we got engaged. Hopefully 2011 continues the theme of awesome years!

Top 10 2010

Well ok so maybe not a top 10 list as such, these are only my favourites, not the best ever omg you need polishes of 2010.

OPI Tease-Y Does it. Rich and gorgeous.

China Glaze Frosty. The perfect frost white

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald. Stunning Green.

China Glaze Midnight Mission. Gorgeous deep blue with fine sparkles.

OPI The Show Must Go On. Perfect for the season, so sparkly and pretty.

Revlon Galaxy. Black glitter, silver glitter, hex glitter.

Revlon Belle. Stunning over any polish.

OPI Flit a Bit. Perfect summery orange.

Orly Bailamos. My favourite colour ever, so has to be on my favourite polish list!

China Glaze Mrs Claus. My Christmas day choice. Stunning and very cute. 

Yes Shock and Horror, there's no space cadet on my list...but I just didn't realy like the colour.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was at our new house this year and I'm pleased to say everything ran smoothly!

Set up for brunch on the deck.
The tree.
Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus over Ruby Deer (check out the tan lines...)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Disney Ornaments

Just some of my gorgeous Disney ornaments. A number actually haven't gone on the tree this year and I didn't photograph all the ornaments on the tree. I really do need a bigger tree for all my ornaments!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I love Christmas and I love my Christmas tree.

One of my favourite things about having a birthday in December is that the tree is up for my birthday.

My tree is a fake tree and it's white. I bought it a few years ago late one night as the store was trying to get rid of them before christmas. It cost me a whopping $10 for a tree that had retailed for $199. The green tree was $60, so white it was!

It's choc full of disney ornaments and yes Tink sits a top.

I love my tree, though I'm getting worried it looks wonky!

Greymouth Haul

While down in Greymouth I ventured into a Postie Plus store and found some awesome nail polishes.

I bought 7 polishes for $26. A Sally Hansen Fire Opal, 4 Klean Color polishes and 2 No.7 boots polishes. I was suprised at the goodies I found and since I've been back home I've been popping into the local Postie Plus stores looking for more awesome polishes, but so far I've only found 4 more Klean Colors I like.

Sally Hansen Fire Opal Goldspun Opal

No.7 in Taffeta.

No.7 in Sorbet.
 The No.7 polishes I picked up are both very duo-chromey. Sorbet flashes green and gold with the peach. Taffeta switches between gold/amber/pink. Both polishes are very soft when dry and need a top coat.

Kleancolor Fuschia Pearl

Kleancolor Sheer Lilac

Kleancolor Silver Star
I also purchased Kleancolor Twinkly Love. Blue, silver and pink hearts in a clear polish, but for some reason didn't take a picture of it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It amazes me how much other people like giving presents. I love to give presents and tend to focus on giving presents myself, not recieving them. I'm always taken back when presents are bought for me.

School break up was on  Thursday and so many of my kids gave me little gifts. I love how excited they are to give presents and how they watch you open it. I also love how 2 kids gave me nail polish! They all know my addiction.

I was in for another suprise onm Thursday. The staff at school had put together a big basket filled with goodies, as a house warming/engagement present. I regretted having a couple of wines, as everyone was watching me open things. I was very overwhelmed.

Then Nicks grandparents gave us a beautiful engagemet present. Something I had been wanting and dreaming of for awhile...a big cutlery set!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life and some Burlesque

The last few months have been crazy and lately it seems as there's no end to the crazy.
We finish school tomorrow, so no more hyper children excited for Christmas and the summer holidays, but I've had to move classrooms, write reports, fill in cumulative sheets and do portfolios for every child. It doesn't sound too bad actually...but in all honesty moving house was easier than moving classroom.

I've been stressy, ratty and feeling generally crap. I need alone time, but I don't seem to be getting it. Every weekend there's something on, and so many nights lately I've needed to do school things. To top it off I'm feeling like they didn't want to keep me on. There's been a big shuffle round and they needed a year 2 teacher. I normally teach year 3 and 4. So they moved me to teaching the year 2's, but I'm almost feeling like they would have rather kept the long term reliever they had teaching the Juniors, than me. But they are stuck with me because I have a permanent job. Yea, I'm probably being irrational.

Happy thoughts though, because the Burlesque collection from OPI is stunning. I own 6 of the 12 polishes. Tease-Y Does It, The Show Must Go On, Show It and Glow It, Extra-va-vaganza, Simmer and Shimmer and Sparkle-icious. I have pictures of all except Show It and Glow It.

Simmer and Shimmer in the sunlight.

Simmer and Shimmer in the shade

Extra-va-vaganza in the shade

Extra-va-vaganza in the sunlight

Sparkle-icious in the sunlight

Sparkle-icious in the shade
Show it and Glow It

Show it and Glow it

Tease-Y Does It

Tease-Y Does It

Tease-Y Does It

Tease-Y Does It

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On