Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Darling Diva: Will O The Wisp

Long time no post.

Life got in the way of the internets!
We had ERO at school (education review) and we've had interviews. The last 9 weeks of term were a series of testing, marking, re-testing, paper work, preparation for ERO...oh and of course teaching!

Unfortunately that meat my poor blog suffered.

Thankfully we're on holiday now. Next term will be a crazy term of madness (more testing, outdoor week, end of year reporting and of course Christmas), but I do have a nice stash of photos ready to go, so here's hoping for consistent posting!

Anyway, on to polish!

I'm in love with Darling Diva Polishes. Every time there's a sale I pick up a couple that I'm drooling over and grab myself a lucky dip bag.

Last sale I was seriously drooling over Will O the Wisp...and not just for the name!
Look at this delicious blend of pink and silver glitters...

Will O The Wisp
Will O The Wisp glowing
And it's glow in the dark!

I used three coats and was incredibly happy with the results.
Perfect princess pink ails...for Halloween...Yes I want to be a Princess.

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