Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hare: What I Wore to the Revolution

I love history...especially looking at it through the terms of art, architecture and fashion.
So it's probably no surprise that I seriously drooled over The Last Queen of France, spring collection from Hare Polish.

Ohhhhhh I wanted those polishes so badly! Unforunately when I eventually got around to ordering them (paid of outstanding bills and had some money left) one of the polishes I ordered was suddenly mysteriously out of stock (I ordered from llarowe prior to the new site, no hard feelings though...I was refunded the bottle and part of the shipping).

The polish I did manage to snag was my most wanted from the collection, What I wore to the Revolution.

What I wore to the Revolution is a stunning glitter topper with black, bright pink and bright orange glitters, and shimmer.

What I wore to the Revolution over OPI My Vampire is Buff
 I'm getting a serious Cruella de Vil vibe from this combo!

I think What I wore to the Revolution will look stunning over a pale blue creme, the contrast will be gorgeous. It's next on my list to try out for summer! Bring on summer!

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