Saturday, May 10, 2014

Color Club: Paris In Love Collection

I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging. Life tends to get in the way, but I'm still wearing polish everyday and taking pretty pics of my polishes. So I should try to get them on here!

I haven't been feeling much love towards most of the mainstream brands current collections. I only bought 3 from the OPI Brazil collection and passed completely on the most recent China Glaze collections. I had to buy this gorgeous collection from Color Club though!

I have really been enjoying the recent Color Club collections. If I'd gotten round to posting my best of 2013, I'd have included the Girl About Town collection as one of my favourite mainstream collections.

Anyway, on to the Paris in Love collection!
Paris in Love consists of 6 gorgeous cremes. I was a bit worried the formula would be interesting, given that they're rather on the pastel side, but the formula was excellent on all of them. They make me want ice cream though!

Fondue For Two
 Two easy coats of gorgeous milk chocolate. Not really my colour, but will be awesome for nail art. I can just see Neapolitan ice cream stripes.

Je Ne Sais Quoi
 This is the odd one of the bunch. It doesn't make me think of ice cream, in fact it makes me think of mustard. I rather like it though. Again two easy coats.

Je T'aime
 This is where I started doing three coats. Nothing really new about a pink creme, but this one had a surprisingly better formula than I was expecting and it looks so cute with the other polishes in the collection.

La Petite Mint-sieur
 Ooooo. Now it's getting more exciting. I'm in love with this shade of minty green. Absolutely stunning and three perfect coats. I'm undecided whether this is my favourite or Holy Chic!

Macroon Swoon
 A pale yellow that isn't problematic? Yes please. Three easy coats again.

Holy Chic!
And... Periwinkle! This polish is the reason I jumped in and bought the collection. There weren't any swatch pics up...but the hope of a pretty periwinkle blue was enough for me. Three easy coats of perfection.

You can find the Paris in Love collection on head2toe.

Now I'm looking out eagerly for the Poptastic Remix collection to pop up there!
And then I can finally order Wild Cactus... I somehow managed to leave it out of my order this time.

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  1. Lovely swatches!. I've been back and forth about whether I want to purchase these, but now I think I will. Thanks!