Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Star Kin Happy Thoughts

So Star Kin is an amazing NZ indie polish brand.

In all honesty I'm a terrible person...I love Star Kin polishes and I am filled with glee that most people that see this post have no chance of getting these gorgeous polishes. They're only available in NZ.
Finally an amazing polish that I can has! I can't get my hands on Lynnderellas or Enchanteds...but I can has Star Kin!

There....that's my gloating out the way, but really these polishes are every bit as leeming worthy as some of those big hard to find name indie polishes.

Fangs Berry Much




Sage Advice

537 Bottles
I was lucky enough that Ami sent me three bottles to take piccies of...but I fell so in love that I had to buy Sage Advice and daydream in full size.

Aren't they amazing?

If I had to choose a favourite...I'd choose Daydream...look at that nom nom holo and that gorgeous colour shift in the shade. Pure polishgasm.

If you are in NZ and wat to get your very own Star Kin then check out the store :)

Star kin Store

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