Monday, June 3, 2013

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Well it's been a while.
I'd mumble something about being know that teacher thing? Seriously though I love my class they are so freaking awesome. I had an RTLB in to chat about some of the specific needs in my class and she was like "zomg you really love your class". Ok maybe she didn't say zomg...but thats what she meant.

Then I'd mumble about not having the right computer set up. Like omg first world problems. So I use my iPad for like everything, but my blog pics aren't on there and I hate blogging from my iPad but my computer is so freaking slow and I get confused about where I stored my pictures... like was it on my computer or my work laptop or my HP mini???? Too much technology ><
I'm totally not surviving the power going out.

Although in the apocalypse I'm going to be totally clean... due to my mother and sister in laws awesome soap. Seriously if you're in NZ check out Rainbowlicious on facebook and prepare to drool.


Like omg seriously they make the most delicious smelling soaps and body scrubs and they've ventured into bathbombs too. Of course being related I may get to try a few products... I may also get to sniff everything.

I feel like an addict everytime I go round to Nicks parents place. I just sit there sniffing... and I leave wanting cake. Nick does his usual look around the house for food and exaggerated sigh that nothing is edible (I wouldn't recommend eating soap)

Anyway here's some piccies...

I totally just stole them off the Rainbowlicious facebook page (too lazy to find my own pics from the last craft show they did)

Sugar Scrubs
 I cannot say enough good thigns about the sugar scrubs. We've been through so many. I always have a jar in the shower. I personally love Buttercream (but my sister in law would tell you about my addiction to sniffing the buttercream essence), Nick loves the chocolate (smells just like chocolate soft serve) and we currently have Toffee Apple in the shower at the moment.

 These soaps are more delicious than any other soaps I have ever smelt. Seriously. And I don't find them to be drying. In fact at the Easter weekend craft show someone actually said they were better than lush...and look at them...they are way prettier!
I currently have Neopolitan in my bathroom...but I can't stop sniffing Banoffie any chance I get. Also Pavlova is the most delicious soap ever invented. And Jellybean smells just like lush Snowfairy.

This may or may not be the reason why I always leave wanting cake... I mean really? look at that! and it smells just like cake with buttercream icing... oooo I love buttercream.

Anyway go check out Rainbowlicious...

Unfortunately they're not shipping outside the Wellington region currently...due to the fragile nature of the goods. I mean look how pretty they are. Looks are important, you don't want them ruined in the mail.

But no matter which corner of NZ or the world you are from you can still like Rainbowlicious on Facebook.


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  1. They all look so pretty! I never use cake soaps but I love looking at them :D They seem too gorgeous to use!