Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picture Polish: Paradise

I want all the Picture Polish!

But no seriously as soon as I saw Paradise was selling out fast...I needed it. Ok...I needed it before it was selling out... I have a serious addiction to any shade of teal.

I knew as soon as I bought Paradise it would be announced it would become permanent...and it did! So you too can pick up this gorgeous polish.

Picture Polish Paradise

 I picked up Paradise from Gracie Lou one of the NZ distributors of Picture Polish (and the only NZ distributor I would personally use). Next time I buy Picture Polishes I'll be buying from overseas though unfortunately the prices have gone up again. All bottles collaboration or standard are now $19.50 each. With  shipping on top. I understand the collaboration ones are always more expensive. But to rise the prices on the standard bottles as well?

The other distributor who shall remain nameless sells collaboration/opulence polishes for $22.95 and standard for $18.95.

Gah first world problems!

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