Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pahlish: Mystery Polishes

I generally hate surprises... I like to be the one planing and in control of an event.
But I love polish surprises? I frequently order from Pahlish, I neeeds all of the duo's, and ever time I order I have to chuck in a mystery polish or two.

I love the anticipation as I'm unwrapping my parcel and the excitement when I finally see what I received.

Of course being mystery polishes, these polishes are unnamed and not available for purchase. You may be lucky and get one as a mystery polish though.

So just sit back and enjoy the pics!

With top coat

I have no idea what's happening with my pinky in this pic! Just pretend it's all neat and tidy and awesome looking!


  1. I love that grey with the gold flakes in it!! I've only bought one mystery polish and I didn't *love* it, so I've held off on ordering more. I also collect all the duos!! The June one is AMAZING!!! <3