Sunday, June 8, 2014

China Glaze: Sea Goddess

I still don't know quite how I feel about texture polishes. I love the sparkle, I love the wear....but I'm so unsure of the texture! Some I love the feel off...others I get that horrible chalk hands feeling over. But the sparkle wins, so I keep reaching for more!

I ended up buying two polishes from the recent China a Glaze Sea Goddess collection. I'm still tempted by the purple, but I think I can live without it.

Seahorsin' Around
  I love all things aqua. Seahorsin' Around is no exception. It is an absolutely stunning polish. Argh, I want to wear it again just seeing the pics. Such love.

Wish on a Starfish 
Unfortunately I don't feel the same love towards Wish on a Starfish. I love the idea... Just look at the pretty golden shimmer! It just doesn't look quite right on me. I'm determined to make it work though! I want to love this polish. Maybe I'll try again in the middle of winter, when my hands aren't full of sunshine.  

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