Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All That Glitters: Dotties

I'm still hard at work getting reports done.

When I say reports I don't mean a single A4 page for each child. I mean around 25 A4 pages for each child, including full pages of text, photos, scans of work and graphs showing exactly where each child is at. It's a lot of work. Especially when you have 27 children to teach.

Our new kitty Bumble Bee has been with us a week now. She has a vet appointment this afternoon, just to have a check up. Did you know it costs more to take her to the vet than for me to see the doctor? Crazy.

Anyway on to polish! I have quite the indie polish obsession, especially glitter top coats. Of course I needed the Light and Dark Spotty Dotties from All That Glitters.

Spotty Dottie Light over aEngland Bridal Veil

Spotty Dottie Light over CG Loves a Beach

Spotty Dottie Light and Spotty Dottie Dark over CG Loves a Beach
I love combining the two Spotty Dotties. they look amazing layered over each other. One of my favourite combos is wearing the two over a browny taupe.

Spotty Dottie Dark over Revlon Sunshine Sparkle
And I better head to work now! children to teach and all... lets hope they are calmer than yesterday. they had a half day yesterday due to Teachers Union meetings and were high as kites.

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