Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Essie: Go Overboard

I love mini collections. I can buy the whole set with no feelings of guilt.

It's even better when I'm completely in love with all the colours in the collection. Essie Go Overboard is one mini collection I was drooling over and when I got the polishes I was even more in love. I'd been searching for that perfect dark but not too dark teal and I finally have it. Thanks Essie!

Play Date

Go Overboard

Armed and Ready
I can't even pick my favourite out of these three gorgeous polishes. I'm in love with Play Date, it's such a fun playful purple and so apply named. Go overboard is the dark teal I've been longing for. Armed and Ready is just stunning. I'm really digging these olive tones especially with generous helpings of gold shimmer! Drool!


  1. Love play date, I've not seen many similar colours to this before :-)

  2. Great colours. Can't wait to try out some Essie polish!

  3. These are so beautiful!!!